1st anniversary and closing the blog

Today May 17th it´s exactly one year since I got back my stem cells and my immune system could restart from the beginning. I can feel horrified by the thought that I even hesitated to take this treatment and intsted optioning for trying the MabThera treatment, as if it had functioned it would  not have been curative.

Now all medications (protective for infections)  are finished  since 1/2 years, all vaccinations completed, all follow-ups has been completed at both the hematologist when my immune system is completely regenerated and the neurologist whre my neurology is fully restored - even the tendon reflexe  came back. I have no symptoms anymore and is fully recovered!

Last week I ran the Lund race, one could choose between 5 and 10 km and I took of cource  the 10 km. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and there were lots of people on the street who cheered us  runners. The race was a pleasure because it was not even hard! And my time was much better than I expected - got 53.30 min (compared to the last time I ran the Lund race for six years ago when I ran the 51.50, but I am on the other 6 are older so it was not so bad!) . I had hoped I would run in 60 minutes or less.

I exercises with both outdoor jogging and weight training at the gym and is probably in better shape than have been ever!. And today my weight is 10 kg more than when I was discharged from hospital at the end of May last year. And it's probably mostly muscle.